Myla Charity Grant

This Grant is open to Nigerians only.

Opportunities for other Nations will be published in due time.

Myla Charity Organization calls on smart Nigerians to present groundbreaking ideas that will attract investors into strategic areas of development in the country especially in information technology, commerce, etc. Each applicant is qualified for a grant of 2.4 Million Naira only.

This Grant is for the development and self-empowerment of entrepreneurial individuals.We look forward to the empowerment of over 8 million Nigerians in the nearest future.

Kindly fill the Form below to get accredited.

Accreditation fee is: N2,800.

Make the payment to the account details below:

Bank Name: Palmpay Bank

Account Number: 8067198151

After Accreditation you will receive a link in your Email to join GTE Finance.


Application as a Myla Charity Agent requires that you should have an active email and phone number.

You’re simply required to work from home in your community. The tasks are quite simple. You will be guided.

There are 2 types of Agents/Sponsors or Partnership
1. Junior Partnership and
2. Master Sponsor

Master Partner has Grant qualifications up to N16 Million Naira and benefits. Junior Partner is entitled to N6 Million Naira only.

Accreditation Fee for Junior Partnership is N25,800 while Master Partnership is N45,800.

Pay to the Account details above.

Send your receipt of payment to this email for Partnership Accreditation